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  • 01The School is surrounded with 8 ft. high boundary walls made up of Rock stone.
  • 02There is one set of two gates side by side for entry & exit guarded by G4S security guards.
  • 03During School time the entry & exit is only through one gate.
  • 04The School has 11 buses which are in very good condition. The Driver & Conductors wear uniform and are registered with RTO & police verification is in progress. Full care & safety measures are adopted by the conductors to bring & take back the children home & fitness permit, cylinder check up and all other regulation up to date.
  • 05Individual Ayaas take care of the primary classes. They accompany the children from class room to the toilet and take them back. They also help the children to board the buses.
  • 06Bus Parking: Buses are parked in the open area of the school. The driver & conductors are provided with shelter, they have separate drinking water & toilet facilities which is far from the School Building. There is a Transport Incharge to take care of the entire Bus Fleet.
  • 07The School building has three floors (ground + two floors) with proper fire fighting system. Entry in the school building is through channel gates two in front & two rear gates. The rear gates are locked and are to be used only during emergency exit. The front channel gates are locked during the School hours. The children come out during interval or PT periods escorted by the staff members & play on the playground. All Students have Identity cards provided by the School.
  • 08The Administrative Block is located away from the main School building. Parents & visitors are forbidden to enter the school building except on PTM. The Administrative block contains Principal’s Office & Office for clerks. There is a separate set of toilets for the Office Staff.
  • 09Toilets: Teaching Staff Toilets: - There is one toilet for lady staff & one for the gents staff attached to the staff room. Two Boys Toilet: One big boys toilet with urinals & Lavotries & one for small boys. Two Girls Toilet: One big girls toilet with Lavotries & one for small girls.
  • 10CC TV cameras with Audio are installed and cover the Staff room, Class rooms, corridors, gates, Library, Labs, Stair cases including main Gate and the building periphery.
  • 11The School has an infirmary with the trained Nurse & first aid facilities. To conclude we strive our best & instruct our staff to be vigilant and at all hours be careful in matters relating to safety & security of the children studying in the School.